The Loft Conversion Specialist

I know that finding any building company can be a daunting experience but here at Abc loft conversions I try to eliminate any worries through a payment schedule to suit the client. Speak to anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be the victim of a cowboy builder and they all have 1 thing in common, they gave the builder too much money early on. Most companies take a deposit up front, once this is done the company will always have the upper hand.

Here at Abc loft conversions we take no deposit and only take payment on work that has been done and the client is satisfied with, keeping the client in full control of the build, if at any time the client is unhappy with the service they can stop the build and not lose a penny with no fear of losing their deposit or in some cases more!

Abc loft conversions is also fully insured and every loft comes with a 10 year grantee.

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