The Loft Conversion Specialist

As a new age builder that’s customer orientated, punctual and reachable, I also need to consider the environment. I have big eco friendly plans for ABC lofts as I believe the environment is our responsibility. I want to make headway in eco friendly building, not so I can use it as a unique selling point but so I can set a standard for other building companies.

I have already implemented such policies as making sure I only use timber from sustained forests, meaning every tree they cut down for timber they plant another one to replace it.

I make it a point to recycle all waste from my loft conversions (which there is allot of) I also believe that there is a big potential for clean energy with lofts, implementing solar panels on the flat roof would be well hidden, cost effective and most importantly clean. I’m also looking into cleaner transport for commuting to and from jobs and researching into any other ideas to help with the environment when dealing with loft conversions.

Any feedback or e mails on this subject would be highly appreciated.

  • Making the world a safer place
  • Clean Energy & Recycleing
  • Sustained forestry
  • All feedback welcome