The Loft Conversion Specialist

Abc loft conversions is run by just one person giving you not only a better and more intimate service but also a better deal, we keep our overheads down by being a smaller company passing on the savings to the client. Middlemen or the sales team in a company take on average 25%. This could easily equate to £10,000 plus! That’s a lot of money for what really is very little work.

Here at Abc loft conversions we keep everything honest and upfront, letting you know in writing what works we will complete for what amount, but more importantly we also inform the client of what isn’t included, so there are no nasty surprises or extras later on. During the build we also keep email correspondence of any extras we agree on at site so the client will always have everything in writing.

I truly believe that no other company will offer the service I provide at the price I give, making Abc loft conversions the best choice for any client.

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